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It is a high-performance synthetic automatic transmission fluid produced by blending high-quality synthetic base oils and special additives. It has been developed especially for use in automatic transmissions of passenger and heavy-duty vehicles, but is also suitable for use in hydraulic steering applications.

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Product Details

 Has a balanced additive performance for excellent gear shifting

 Extends transmission life 

Reduces gear friction of the outer rings, resulting in fuel economy in vehicles with automatic transmission. 

High viscosity index ensures stable viscosity over a wide range of temperature for effective protection of transmissions and operation of hydraulic steering units

Audi G 055005 A1/A2/A6,G 055162 A1/A2/A6, G 060162 A1/A2/A6 ATF, BENTLEY PY112995PA BMW , BMW ATF3+, BMW L12108, BMW 83 22 2 413 477 (ATF7) CHRYSLER ATF3+, ATF4+, DEXRON -VI Automatıc Transmission Fluid Citroén PR 9734 R7 For EAT6 transmissions, AW-1 Daimler-Chrysler ATF+3, ATF+4, SP IV Automatic Transmisson Fluid, DEXRON -IV Automatic Transmisson Ford MERCON LV, MERCON ULV, XT-10-QLVC General Motors GM DEXRON VI , DEXRON IIH, DEXRON II D, GM DEXRON HP ATF, Hyundai SP-IV , SP-IV-RR, SP-IV M infiniti MATIC S, MATIC K, NATIC J, MATIC D Isuzu WSI Jaguar Fluid 8432, #02JDE 26444 KIA SP-IV, LEXUS ATFWS, ATF Type T-IV, JWS 3324, M1375.4 MAZDA ATF FZ, MERCON LV, MERCEDES BENZ MB 236.12, A 001 989 7703, A001 989 78 03, MB236.41 Mini BMW 83 22 2 413477(ATF7), Mitsubishi Diamond ATF SP II, SP III, ATF-MA1 #MZ320762, ATF SP-IV, ATF SPH-IV Nissan MATIC S, Peugeot RP 9734 r7 for EAT6 transmissions, AW-1 Toyota ATF WS, ATF Type T-IV

Storage Conditions

It should be protected from direct sunlight and precipitation. Packages should be stored in a sealed way, under a porch or in indoor areas. Storage temperature should be between (+5)-(+40)°C.

Health and Safety Information

In the light of the available information, this product is not expected to create a negative impact on human health when used in the intended location and under the specified conditions of use. Used product should not be incinerated or poured into soil and waste water channels. Waste oils should be sorted into categories according to Regulation on Control of Waster Oils, and disposed of via licensed enterprises having the properties defined in this regulation. Please read the Material Safety Sheet when necessary.