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A high-performance synthetic transmission oil produced using a special additive formula. It simultaneously delivers excellent wear protection for clutch parts and silent vibration-free operation of the clutch.

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Product Details

 Thanks to the advanced technology additives in its content, it minimizes the wear that may occur on the transmission and extends the transmission life. 

Thanks to its excellent slip stability, it creates a permanent film layer on metal surfaces and thus minimizes wear during gear changes. 

Thanks to its high oxidation and thermal resistance, it ensures a long oil change interval and reduces maintenance costs. 

Thanks to its fluidity properties and high wear-resistant performance, it ensures smooth shifting feel and causes no torque interruptions during gear change

BMW Drivelogic 7-speed (Getrag) / DCTF-1; BMW 6-speed DCT / BMW MTF LT-5; Ford / Nissan Powershift 6-speed (GFT) / Ford WSS-M2C936A; Mitsubishi TC-SST 6-speed / MZ320065 / DiaQueen SSTF-1; Peugeot / Citroen DCS 6-speed; Renault EDC 6-speed / EDC-7 / Talisman R7D; Volvo powershift 6-speed; VW (Audi, Seat, Skoda) 6-speed; VW / Audi TL 52 529 / G 052 529 / DSG7 = STronic 7; VW (Audi, Seat, Skoda) 7-speed; VW / Audi TL 521 82 / G 052 182

Storage Conditions

It should be protected from direct sunlight and precipitation. Packages should be stored in a sealed way, under a porch or in indoor areas. Storage temperature should be between (+5)-(+40)°C.

Health and Safety Information

In the light of the available information, this product is not expected to create a negative impact on human health when used in the intended location and under the specified conditions of use. Used product should not be incinerated or poured into soil and waste water channels. Waste oils should be sorted into categories according to Regulation on Control of Waster Oils, and disposed of via licensed enterprises having the properties defined in this regulation. Please read the Material Safety Sheet when necessary.